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Tech Events

Open Source at FARFETCH

Open Source at FARFETCH

About FARFETCH Tech Talks

As we move forward, technology is becoming more critical, and it is changing our lives in ways that were unimaginable before. At FARFETCH, We're on a mission to build the technology that powers the global platform for luxury fashion. 

We're empowered to break traditions and revolutionize, with the freedom and autonomy to make a difference for our customers worldwide.

FARFETCH Tech Talks are our way of unveiling some of our best stories and sharing the technological challenges we found at FARFETCH. 

Open Source at FARFETCH with André Correia

At FARFETCH we know the advantages of open source and we are looking for ways to integrate open-source culture and strategies into our DNA. But we know that simply throwing developers into an open-source world and hoping for the best isn't enough, so we started the Open Source Program Office team. The OSPO team was built to align the open-source best practices with business strategy: by sharing software projects that are made in-house, and by caring and contributing back to open-source projects that we consume. André Correia is the soul of the Open Source team at FARFETCH that started this year. In this talk, he talked about how this project was born and how an Open Source Program Office is being implemented at FARFETCH.

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