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Infrastructure: Escalating CI/CD

Infrastructure: Escalating CI/CD

About FARFETCH Tech Talks

As we move forward, technology is becoming more critical, and it is changing our lives in ways that were unimaginable before. At FARFETCH, We're on a mission to build the technology that powers the global platform for luxury fashion. 

We're empowered to break traditions and revolutionize, with the freedom and autonomy to make a difference for our customers worldwide.

FARFETCH Tech Talks are our way of unveiling some of our best stories and sharing the technological challenges we found at FARFETCH. 

Infrastructure: Escalating CI/CD with Cristiano Cunha

In a company growing like FARFETCH, the need for a DevOps Mindset is essential. Not having this culture centralising it to a single team or putting it too late into action can be catastrophic for an organisation as it walks towards fully automated processes. In an ever-growing company, our CI/CD Systems had to adapt to cover Large Scale operations and ensure the best practices while being flexible for emergency fixes in times of need. Focusing on developer flexibility while maintaining business integrity. This presentation covers the story of how we went from zero to fully distributed Infrastructure as Code and CI/CD as a service.

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