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Accelerating development with Chassis Pattern

Accelerating development with Chassis Pattern
About FARFETCH Tech Talks
As we move forward, technology is becoming more critical, and it is changing our lives in ways that were unimaginable before. At FARFETCH, We're on a mission to build the technology that powers the global platform for luxury fashion. 

We're empowered to break traditions and revolutionize, with the freedom and autonomy to make a difference for our customers worldwide.

FARFETCH Tech Talks are our way of unveiling some of our best stories and sharing the technological challenges we found at FARFETCH. 

Accelerating development with Chassis Pattern with Joel Oliveira

Learn how we accelerate production-ready development with Chassis Pattern (with Live Demo).

In a fast-moving world of technology, adapting quickly is key to staying relevant in this competitive world.

When using a microservice architecture it is common to have a set of cross-cutting concerns that need to be implemented by each service and this can be very time-consuming for the teams.

The Chassis framework was created to solve three common problems we had, the difficulty to roll out new features, the slowness to have a ready-to-go live application/service, and the standardization when accessing the infrastructure tech stack (like databases, message brokers, etc.).

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